2966B Cylinder End Grinder
"Low Maintenance"
The NEW, manually-operated production cylinder end grinder is designed for medium production laboratories, who need a fast and precise method of preparing cylinders for compression testing. The machine's small footprint makes it perfect for most labs where space is at a premium.
The 2966B production grinder is capable of preparing approximately 30 cylinders per hour for testing.
It can handle 4" x 8" and 6" x 12" cylinders with equal ease and provide them plane and parallel within ASTM C617 tolerances. The grinder removes material at a rate of 1/32" (0.8mm) per pass, and is capable of quickly handling multiple passes if needed while maintaining its preciseness.
The 2966B comes complete with a reliable water recirculation system that does not require plumbing. The machine requires minimal maintenance. It is suggested that water/coolant be changed and debris being removed from the debris tray every other day. Voltage is 110/120V 60HZ. 220V is also available as a special order.